I founded the fashion brand in March 2021 because this has always been a dream and i wanted to make this a reality.
I was interested in and enthusiastic about fashion from a very early age.
Fashion has so many facets and allows you to express yourself.
Fashion can express what words sometimes cannot.
Bénifier is a streetwear brand that is suitable for everyone.
I've always been fashion conscious and interested in fashion.
I've often been ridiculed for wearing certain things before they became mainstream.
People often don't understand how I dress.
I started "BÉNIFIER" 2021 because I wanted to do a brand that was exactly what I had in mind and didn't want to compromise.
We offer incredible quality at an unbeatable price.
My personal demand on a piece is our quality standard.
If it didn't meet the standards of designer brands, I wouldn't be able to stand behind it.
Everything that “Bénifier” brings out, I have to want to wear myself.
I work every day to develop Bénifier into one of the leading streetwear brands.
I want to create something sustainable, inspire people and set trends.
We are still at the very beginning and have what it takes to be a brand with an international impact.